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Posted by cherie_morte

Fic title: Shipwreck Between Your Ribs
Author name: cherie_morte
Artist name: cassiopeia7
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 40,913
Warnings: Explicit sexual content and mental illness (supernaturally induced depression, suicidal ideation). Consent issues typical of selkie tales are not present between the main pairing but are discussed.

Summary: AU: All Jensen wanted was a nice month at the beach. What he got was an over-affectionate seal that happens to turn into a hot guy when no one else is around. Jared makes Jensen’s summer better than he ever could have expected, but when his vacation is up and he has to return to the real world, Jensen finds that he's fallen in love with someone who can only truly love the ocean.

Link to fic: http://infatuated-ink.livejournal.com/103174.html
Link to art: http://cassiopeia7.livejournal.com/606449.html

Muse FM

Jul. 15th, 2017 07:41 am
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Posted by cleflink

Fic Title: Muse FM
Author name: cleflink
Artist name: dollarformyname
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Word count: 31920
Warnings: Fantasy violence
Summary: Jared's job is boring, boring, boring. As a night security guard, he protects empty buildings by sitting on his ass and watching the security cameras while listening to a lot of talk radio. Not exactly the life he dreamed of for himself but hey, it's a living.

When he gets chosen for a new job babysitting the front desk at Muse FM radio station, Jared's mostly expecting more of the same. He's not expecting Jensen, the mysterious, hoodie-wearing host of Muse FM's overnight show, to catch his interest quite so thoroughly, or to be quite so difficult to figure out. He's not expecting so many unanswered questions about what, exactly, he's supposed to be protecting Jensen from. He's also not expecting to care so much about either of those things.

Oh, and he's definitely not expecting the monsters.

Link to fic: Master Fic Post
Link to art: Master Art Post

Yours Mine and Ours Masterpost

Jul. 15th, 2017 07:00 am
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Posted by angelzfurys

Yours Mine and Ours Masterpost



July 14th, 23:57

My 2017 Big bang story! Your Mine and Our

Fic title: Yours Mine and Ours
Author name: angelzfurys
Artist name: bluefire986
Genre: J2 RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~54,000
Warnings: slight but not to detailed self harm and thoughts of suicide, not very detailed car accident with minor injury, male on male sex (just two small scenes) and some teenage sexual exploring in general.
Summary: Jared and Jensen have been accidentally switched at birth. They grow up in vastly different circumstances owing to the fact that Jared is a werewolf in a family of humans who sometimes masquerades as the family dog while Jensen is the lone human in his pack and feels ever the third wheel. When the mix up is discovered it shakes up both families and opens a new can of worms for all involved.

Extra notes: Thank you first to bluefire986 for picking my story to create art for. Every one check out the masterpost here http://bluefire986.livejournal.com/13846.html it's amazing. Thank you for being so patient with me and for creating very wonderful, beautiful art! She was way ahead of the ball and I let her down with all my issues and getting my posting of my story up late.Second thanks to jdl71 and kinkyqu33nspn for their beta work. Jdl71 came to my rescue and offered to help me beta from an early stage and her advice and help were terrific! Kinkyqu33nspn came in later in the game to help me out. Last thank to the tech men and women who helped me get my computer back up and running when I was having major issues. Last thanks to my little baby sugar gliders who both pulled through 2 surgeries each during final editing and posting time, my little ones inspire me.

AO3 coming soon

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Posted by backrose_17

Fic title: You're My Mortal Flaw; I'm Your Fatal Sin
Author name: backrose_17
Artist name:< banbury
Genre: RPS AU
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: Mature with a few NC-17 scenes
Word count: 31,522
Warnings: Minor character death, top!Jensen, bottom!Jared, child trauma
Summary: Jared has always been a fan of heroes and hopes to someday be the sidekick to his favorite hero the Dragon. What he didn't expect was one of the Dragon's worst villains to kill his parents and his life changed forever after that night. Being the adopted son of his hero's alter ego Jeffrey Dean Morgan Jared vows to do whatever it takes to prove himself to Jeff that he is a worthy hero. The day that Jensen Ackles and the new villain Chaos arrive into his life Jared's world is altered once again. Jared finds himself swept off his feet by Jensen and unable to say no to Chaos as Tempest. He has no clue what Chaos and Jensen are the same people, they, on the other hand, have known for a while who he is and plan to never let him go. If Jared knew what was waiting for him in the shadows he would have been happy dealing with the fact that his boyfriend was a dangerous villain.
Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: AO3
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Posted by zara_zee


Fic title: Gladiator: A love story
Author name: zara_zee
Artist name: evian_fork
Genre: J2 RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 29,930
Warnings: violence, minor and spn-canon character deaths, torture, references to animal deaths, references to executions, m/m sex, slavery, branding, corporal punishment, non-con touching, attempted assault, non-graphic references to non-con and dub-con, fanciful Romanization of names, anachronistic language. Probably. Well it’s not ancient Latin, anyway.
Summary: As a second son, Jensen Akelsen of Cimbria will never inherit the family farm, so he travels to Rome with a trader to join the Auxilia—the non-citizen corps of the Roman Imperial Army. Unfortunately, Jensen’s travel companion proves less than trustworthy and he finds himself sold into slavery. Jensen’s fighting skills see him bought by Ludus Armentarius, the training school which owns the most popular—and most terrifying—gladiator in all of Rome; the infamous Colossus, Jared of Illyria.
Bitterly angry and struggling to adjust, the very last thing Jensen expects to find in his new life is friendship, romance and love.


The Wounded Don't Cry: J2 RPS, PG-13

Jul. 13th, 2017 02:07 am
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Posted by pinkisgoth

Fic title: The Wounded Don't Cry
Author name: pinkisgoth
Artist name: sinnerforhire
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13 (technically under the MPAA: R for language)
Word count: 87k

Summary: When artist Jensen Ackles moved to the Pacific Northwest from the southwest with his family – adoptive father Jeff and adoptive brothers Chris and Quinn – it gave him a chance to paint a whole new world of mountains and forest at the beautiful plateau near Mount Rainier. Two years later, disaster struck when Jensen was the victim of a violent attack that left his hands permanently injured to the point that he could no longer paint.

During the two years since then, he has spent days helping his father and brother at the farm, café and draft horse rescue that has become the center of their lives on the plateau while slowly recovering, physically and mentally.

One day their world is shaken when their new neighbor – a local tycoon infamous for his ruthless business methods – informs them that the survey line on their property is wrong and they are about to lose almost a third of their pasture to him. That is, unless one of them can work for him for a year, in which case he will deed over the property.

Jensen goes to work for their mysterious new neighbors – coffee magnate Jared Padalecki and his lawyer Matt Cohen – but is shocked to discover one of his own paintings hanging in the house. As the past is slowly revealed and revisited, their lives are increasingly intertwined until the fateful day where all their lives may be changed – or destroyed – forever.

Link to fic: Fic Masterpost
Link to PDF download: PDF download
Link to art: Art Masterpost


Blues in the Night: J2 RPS, NC-17

Jul. 12th, 2017 07:27 pm
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Posted by oobydooby67

Author name: Compo67 (oobydooby67)
Artist name: beelikej
Genre: J2 RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~33,000
Warnings: Vampire AU, blood, blood kink, graphic sex, PTSD, WWII, graphic violence, depiction of war, minor character death, implied character death, torture, angst, explicit sex/language.

Summary: The search for a missing elder leads Jensen to Los Angeles, California. It is his responsibility to question contacts and connections about Tyman, who has not been heard from or seen in a year. Frustrated with the search, Jensen meets a human who claims to have had a casual relationship with Tyman. Jared trades information for two pastrami sandwiches and ten thousand dollars. Unfortunately, after the trade, Jensen is no closer to finding Tyman, and a lot closer to Jared than he ever thought possible.

Link to fic: Read it on AO3 HERE!
Link to art: Art Masterpost HERE!

Special thanks to my artist and her wonderful, breathtaking paper art and watercolors! And immeasurable gratitude to my betas: G, T, and J! This was an especially difficult Big Bang year for me personally, so thank you for these folks for being so patient with me. <3

Divider BluesNight JARED.jpg
Divider BluesNight JENSEN.jpg

Untitled Superheroes

Jul. 12th, 2017 06:32 pm
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Posted by siennavie

Fic title: Untitled Superheroes or Why you should never let the media decide your superhero name
Author name: shadowcat_spn
Artist name: siennavie
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 20k
Warnings: Swearing, description of violence and injuries (minor, not too graphic), sexual situations, implied!bottom Jared
Summary: Splashing color from your fingertips isn't the greatest superpower to have. But when a new villain emerges who only brings darkness it is left to a young reporter and his disabled chameleon to save the city. And maybe fall in love with his roommate along the way...

Featuring Jared as a reluctant hero with a peculiar gift and a sense for bad timing, lots of color being splashed around and two boys being oblivious to what is right in front of them.

The hero and the villain unknowingly share a flat.

Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: LJ


Stillness In Winter

Jul. 12th, 2017 03:48 am
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Posted by glasslogic

Fic title: Stillness In Winter
Author name: glasslogic
Artist name: blythechild
Genre: wincest - unrelated, slash)
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: R
Word count: 34k
Warnings: Vampires, Murder, and Slow, Sleepy Sex

Summary: As the world around him gives up its autumn colors and settles down into the long cold of winter, Sam's own body is finally slowing into its own kind of hibernation. Deep in the mountains with only Dean and a broken laptop for company, isolation is their best defense against the outside world during the vulnerability of Sam's transformation. Sam didn't expect becoming a vampire to be easy, but he didn't expect almost a decade of being mind-numbingly bored either. He should have remembered that the world has cures for boredom – and the cure is always worse than the disease.

Link to fic: Fic Masterpost
Link to art: Art Masterpost

This story is a sequel to In Arcadia Ego

... and heartbreak ensued

Jul. 12th, 2017 02:11 am
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Posted by cillab42

Fic Title: ...and heartbreak ensued
Author: cillab42
Artist: jessie_cristo73
Fandom/Genre: Spn RPF
Pairing(s): Jared/Jensen, Chris Kane/Steve Carlson, Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, Chad Michael Murray/Matt Cohen,
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 75,041

Warnings: mentions of abortion, miscarriage, mpreg, A/B/O, werewolves, omegaverse, top!Jensen, Bottom!Jared, suicide attempt

Summary: Jared loves Jensen, he does; he just doesn’t like being an Omega. He’s assimilating, but he’ll never be the perfect Omega that society demands. After a year of hell, he’s still attempting to reconcile who he was with who he is now and the answers aren’t easy. Especially when Jared spends his free time dreaming of subjugating his Alpha and have Jensen bend to his will.

Jared plans to continue to struggle against his mate’s authority until Jensen comes to the aid of two Omegas whose problem takes up Jensen’s time and awaken a jealousy in Jared he wasn’t aware he had the capacity to feel.

Link to fic

Link to Art



Sweets For My Sweet [Sabriel, NC-17]

Jul. 11th, 2017 12:42 am
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Posted by ascn

Fic title:Sweets For My Sweet
Author name:ascn
Artist name:knowmefirst
Genre: SPN AU
Word count: 24k
Warnings:Gore, Murder, Blood, Bloodplay, Mental Illness, Hallucinations, Injury, Bleeding, Serial Killers, Psychology, mentions of abuse, mentions of sex trafficking, death.
Summary:Serial killers Sam Winchester and Gabriel Novak dole out their brand of poetic justice as the Karma Killers, disposing of those who have slipped through the law's fingers. After a botched kill tears them apart, leaving Gabriel in jail and Sam floundering on his own, the two Killer lovebirds have to find a way to be together, or die trying.
Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: Tumblr

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