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Apr. 10th, 2020 03:55 pm
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LJ recently moved it's servers to Russia and changed it's Terms of Service. There's an article on Gizmodo here and on another site here. I've had some people ask if we are going to move the Comm to another site. At the moment, no we don't. But I wanted to get opinions on the matter.

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DEW: A little bit bunny

Jul. 23rd, 2017 06:56 pm
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Genre: General
Rating: G
Characters: Dean, Sam
Spoilers/Warning: None
Word Count: 116
Disclaimer: I write for love only. Characters belong to Kripke/CW
A/N: written for the DEW challenge, Sam + news/newsflash/news reader, and the SPN100 prompt, cross.

“. . . third bizarre death at Hefner’s Playboy Mansion . . .”

Sam paused his research to absorb the latest details from CNN.

“Anything?” Dean asked.

“Yes, the victims all connect to a model who died in the seventies. Could be a spirit. But how would we get in there?”

“You could pass as a model.”

Sam sighed, mildly aggravated, but Dean needed to work harder.

“You’d look real sexy in a bikini.”


“With floppy ears, and the tail, you’d be smokin’!”

Sam’s annoyance mounted, seeing where this was going. “Don’t!” he warned.

“Then you’d be – ”

“Don’t say it.”

“You know you want me to.”


Dean grinned triumphantly. “A hot, cross bunny!”

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Hello, all! I am searching for a specific Dean/Castiel (Destiel) Fic. This Fic is Non-AU and there is a lot of Angst/Comfort.

In this Fic: Dean and Cas are vacationing in a beach(?) house (I think) or possibly another house. The house doesn't have a TV or anything I believe and Dean repairs things around the house during the Fic (he also does so to avoid talking about his feelings).

They are taking a vacation due to the last hunt they went on going wrong. Dean was beggining to have panic/anxiety attacks and Cas and Sam think that him taking a break would help him with his anxiety.

Dean and Cas speak to Sam via Phone Call until he visits them once during this Fic.

They don't hunt for a while but once Dean and Cas return to the Bunker, Dean, Cas and Sam begin to Hunt again. Everything is okay until Cas and/or Sam is almost killed during a hunt. Dean begins struggling with his anxiety once again and they (Dean and Cas ) stop hunting for good and return to their vacation home for a while so Dean can heal.

I read this Fic on Archive Our Own (AO3.) and sadly this is all I can remember.

Thank you in advance!
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Hi :)
I am looking for a fanfiction which was posted on archieveofourown.org, as far as I remember. It is about Sam who runs away from Dean and into a forest where he tries to kill himself with a knife.
Cas and Dean look for him but can't find him until it's too late.
When Cas finally finds Sam on a clearing he is already dead but he gets brought back to life by Lucifer...
That's all I can remember.
I hope anyone can help me :)

DEW: Reverie

Jul. 17th, 2017 09:47 pm
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Genre: General
Rating: G
Characters: Impala
Spoilers/Warning: None
Word Count: 138
Disclaimer: I write for love only. Characters belong to Kripke/CW
A/N: written for the DEW challenge, Impala + dreams, and the SPN100 prompt, marble.

I get bored in the bunker. Though I’m safe here from theft and rust, I was happier when I was free to feel wind and rain, see life around me, always changing. Here nothing changes; nothing new to see. I dream of the highway, traveling the country again.

Sometimes I dream of other countries. Dean hates to fly and he’d never trust me to a storage hold, but how good it would be to drive the unfettered German autobahn, or the spaghetti asphalt of the Italian Alps. They call it the old world. They say Europe has churches a thousand years old. How strange! They talk of great art, and sculpted statues so fine they seem alive.

Still, statues are only hard, cold marble. I have my boys – here they come – walking, breathing art in warm, living flesh.

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Hi, I am looking for two fics that have been taken down online.

One is Fucking Kodiak Alaska by Xenodike. It was just removed and notice was given to let people download it, but I had just barely missed the deadline when I went back to re-read it! It's one of my faves so would really appreciate a copy. Epub would be my preferred format but I'd happily take any.

The other is a fic by flawedamethyst. It looks like their LiveJournal was recently deleted and most fic moved to AO3 but not this one. I THINK it was called Extraterrestrial, or something similar, and was a wincest fic set in space.

Thanks for your help!

Dean is John's favorite

Jul. 16th, 2017 08:05 pm
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Does anyone know of any stories where Dean is John's favorite and maybe it gets revealed somehow and Sam feels hurt.
Thanks :)

Specific J2 college AU fic

Jul. 16th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Im looking for a specifc J2 fic where theyre in college together and in a relationship. Jensen wants to come out but Jared is afraid to. They havr a fight about it in a bar where Jared storms off. Some guys overhear the argument and attack Jensen. He ends up being very hurt and Jared hears about the attack on the news.

Jensen eventually recovers but now he is afraid to be public with their relationship when Jared has a change of heart.

Cant remember how it ends but if you know it, please tell me! I can't find it in my tags.

J2 Ghost Story UPDATE: FOUND

Jul. 16th, 2017 12:12 am
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There was a story I read a long time ago where Jared moved into a house and realized a ghost was haunting him. I think Jensen was a paranormal investigator. All I remember from the story is that the ghost haunting Jared killed a man that was trying to break in. Also, I think the ghost attacked Jensen because it didn't like him being close to Jared. Lastly, I think the ghost was found out to be a girl from Jared's child hood who died in Jared's arms.

Link in comments.
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I've been trying to find this fic again for ages, but coming up blank. Does anyone have a copy they could send me? Its one of my favourites, and I'm going into hospital for surgery and trying to download my favourite fics to read while i recover. It would be very much appreciated.

My email is: dawchi4@aol.com

Cheers for the help.

D xxx

Author and Artists Reveal

Jul. 15th, 2017 01:16 pm
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Hello! Thanks again to everyone’s diligence during claims last weekend.

So without further ado, here are this year’s bang participants (please note that not all titles are final):


Author: wearingdeantoprom
Artist: dreamsfromthebunker

Tails of a DemiDemon and his Doms

Author: justanothersaltandburn
Artist: crowleykoh85

The Miami Affair

Author: marmeladyorange
Artist: jvalentyne

Significant Others

Author: dreamsfromthebunker
Artist:  crowleykoh85

An Angel’s Mission

Author: melmassacre
Artist: superfannibalpotterhead

Mommy's Little Hunter Assets

Author: lasafara
Artist: emotionallyunstabl

Vitae, Mortem, Essentia

Author: paperannxo
Artist: olivecave

Hold On, Let Go

Author: aini-nufire
Artist: casquecest

You were right in front of me, and then you came along, and it all worked out for the best

Author: majesticduxk
Artist: angerprobfemme


Author: samsexualdeancurious
Artist: emmatheslayer

Just a dare

Author: hexmaniacchoco
Artist: impalartsociopath

The One Thing Harder Than Leaving is Staying

Author: whiskygalore
Artist: riniakikien

Beautiful Loser

Author: archofimagine
Artist: emmatheslayer

Crashed Spaceship

Author: rodiniaorzetalthepenquin
Artist: kuwlshadow

In Vain

Author: illuminating-dragons
Artist: punslinger

For those eager readers wondering when the bang starts posting: it’s September 1st.

For our dear artists and authors: any problems, remember you can always email us or send us an ask.

~ dreamsfromthebunker/hit_the_books and majesticduxk

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Posted by cherie_morte

Fic title: Shipwreck Between Your Ribs
Author name: cherie_morte
Artist name: cassiopeia7
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 40,913
Warnings: Explicit sexual content and mental illness (supernaturally induced depression, suicidal ideation). Consent issues typical of selkie tales are not present between the main pairing but are discussed.

Summary: AU: All Jensen wanted was a nice month at the beach. What he got was an over-affectionate seal that happens to turn into a hot guy when no one else is around. Jared makes Jensen’s summer better than he ever could have expected, but when his vacation is up and he has to return to the real world, Jensen finds that he's fallen in love with someone who can only truly love the ocean.

Link to fic: http://infatuated-ink.livejournal.com/103174.html
Link to art: http://cassiopeia7.livejournal.com/606449.html

Muse FM

Jul. 15th, 2017 07:41 am
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Posted by cleflink

Fic Title: Muse FM
Author name: cleflink
Artist name: dollarformyname
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Word count: 31920
Warnings: Fantasy violence
Summary: Jared's job is boring, boring, boring. As a night security guard, he protects empty buildings by sitting on his ass and watching the security cameras while listening to a lot of talk radio. Not exactly the life he dreamed of for himself but hey, it's a living.

When he gets chosen for a new job babysitting the front desk at Muse FM radio station, Jared's mostly expecting more of the same. He's not expecting Jensen, the mysterious, hoodie-wearing host of Muse FM's overnight show, to catch his interest quite so thoroughly, or to be quite so difficult to figure out. He's not expecting so many unanswered questions about what, exactly, he's supposed to be protecting Jensen from. He's also not expecting to care so much about either of those things.

Oh, and he's definitely not expecting the monsters.

Link to fic: Master Fic Post
Link to art: Master Art Post

Yours Mine and Ours Masterpost

Jul. 15th, 2017 07:00 am
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Posted by angelzfurys

Yours Mine and Ours Masterpost



July 14th, 23:57

My 2017 Big bang story! Your Mine and Our

Fic title: Yours Mine and Ours
Author name: angelzfurys
Artist name: bluefire986
Genre: J2 RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~54,000
Warnings: slight but not to detailed self harm and thoughts of suicide, not very detailed car accident with minor injury, male on male sex (just two small scenes) and some teenage sexual exploring in general.
Summary: Jared and Jensen have been accidentally switched at birth. They grow up in vastly different circumstances owing to the fact that Jared is a werewolf in a family of humans who sometimes masquerades as the family dog while Jensen is the lone human in his pack and feels ever the third wheel. When the mix up is discovered it shakes up both families and opens a new can of worms for all involved.

Extra notes: Thank you first to bluefire986 for picking my story to create art for. Every one check out the masterpost here http://bluefire986.livejournal.com/13846.html it's amazing. Thank you for being so patient with me and for creating very wonderful, beautiful art! She was way ahead of the ball and I let her down with all my issues and getting my posting of my story up late.Second thanks to jdl71 and kinkyqu33nspn for their beta work. Jdl71 came to my rescue and offered to help me beta from an early stage and her advice and help were terrific! Kinkyqu33nspn came in later in the game to help me out. Last thank to the tech men and women who helped me get my computer back up and running when I was having major issues. Last thanks to my little baby sugar gliders who both pulled through 2 surgeries each during final editing and posting time, my little ones inspire me.

AO3 coming soon

Drunk John yelling at little Dean

Jul. 15th, 2017 02:31 am
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I read this fic a long time ago that was set soon after Mary died. John was very drunk and Dean enters the room. He yells at Dean about how upset he is that Mary died and, when Dean starts getting scared and crying, he yells him to stop crying. It's from John's POV and he's thinking that he should really stop yelling at Dean, but he keeps going.

Any other fics that have little Dean dealing with upset or drunk John would also be appreciated. Thanks for any recs!
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I was hoping you guys would be able to help me find a fic I read a few years ago.

It was an spn/American Idol crossover, set in a world where the supernatural isn't real, and where Sam and Dean both sign up for American Idol. With several other spn chars participating as well.
And it turns out that Dean had to have John institutionalized because he became a threat to Sam.

Anyone know where to find it?

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